Saturday Night: Polish Film Night

Saturday Night is Polish Film Night!
Six beautiful documentaries will play at the Tuinzaal at TAC:

Object is a creative and abstract image of an underwater search.

‘End of the World’
A radio journalist takes emotional calls from listeners while ER dispatch listens to the sounds of human tragedies. Both on air, they are somehow connected.

‘3 Days of Freedom’
Piotr has a pass to leave prison after fifteen years. Even the simplest activity is a real challenge for him.

‘The Whistle’
Marcin is reaching thirty. He lives in a small town not far from Krakow and referees football matches in the lowest league. He wants a change though.

‘First Pole on Mars’
Kazimierz has a chance of becoming one of the first colonisers of Mars. But first he must overcome some three thousand other applicants.

‘It’s only a Dream’
Jan lives on the outskirts of the city of Łódź in a dilapidated wooden manor house of no great size. The days come and the days go.

You can see all these films, and every other film on Saturday, with a day ticket for only €12,50. 

07 Feb

Openingsavond en Industry Day uitverkocht


Enjoy a Spanish-language film night