FOOD + FILM Mussels in Love

The Belgians and French look forward to it with bated breath: the start of the mussel season in the Dutch province of Zeeland. But how does this shellfish end up on our plates? And why do we love them so?
Mussels in Love reveals the life of the Zeeland mussel in an intimate, humorous way, with playful music and fascinating close-ups that turn the shell-fish into abstract art. We get to observe its complete life cycle: the mussel that loves, the mussel that holds on with all its might, and the mussel that is cast off by the storm.
On its odyssey from seabed to restaurant plate, the mussel encounters passionate enthusiasts who - like itself - fall in love, struggle and overcome.

Inspired by this documentary The Eatelier, in collaboration with Fontys, developed a tasting menu about mussels from street food to haute cuisine, which will be served during the documentary.

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Pitch workshop – Marc Schmidt