Animated documentaries

Various animation documentaries, carefully selected so it beholds the beauty and rich diversity of the genre. It features films of distinct techniques and different approaches in animated documentary today. Some are based on interviews, other films are more abstract, whether they combine the use of video or based purely on animation, each film holds a common ground of emotional essence that will not leave anyone indifferent. Join us on a fascinating journey lead by marvellous figures whose stories will take us through place and time, by memories and observations. Curated by filmmaker and animator Daphna Awadish.

Films: Broken branches, Obon, Travelogue Tel Aviv, Drop by drop, Blocked, Blurred and in the
dark-the diver, The five minute museum.

Directors: Ayala Sharot, Anna Bergmann, André Hörmann, Samuel Patthey, Alexandra Ramires, Laura Gonçalves, Sophia Twigt, Paul Bush

Other Documentaries

The stone guest

Director Marina Fomenko

The key figure of the Great October Socialist Revolution of 1917 in Russia was Lenin. After his d ...


13, a ludodrama about Walter Benjamin

Director: Carlos Ferrand

13, a ludodrama about Walter Benjamin is a documentary essay on the German philosopher. The film ...