Brabant Cultuurprijs / Bach clinic

Take a look into the life and work of three award winning artists / musicians from Noord-Brabant. Their stories were captured in three short films because they won the award ‘Brabantse Cultuur Publieksprijs 2018’. The films will be screened with a Q&A with the three artists and a live cello performance from Jacqueline Hamelink.
Marieke Vromans is a visual artist. She will exhibit three new pieces during DOCfeed. Frank Adams is founder and conductor of the Tilburgse Chamber Orchestra Kamerata Zuid. And Jacqueline Hamelink is cellist-performer and artistic director of Sounding Bodies. Hamelink will perform her new programme ‘Bach clinic’. In this cilinic Hamelink investigates the relation between sounds and feelings, making use of J.S. Bach’s music. An extraordinary performance by Hamelink.

Artists: Jacqueline Hamelink, Marieke Vromans, Frank Adams Films director: Ruut van der Beele

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