Opening night DOCfeed 2018

[ON INVITATION] DOCfeed 2018 opening night, screening 2 opening films simultaneously for this festive occasion. Bar/restaurant is open from 17 PM.

De Hoofdvrouw
WORLD PREMIERE, about the 38-year-old Marijke who goes in search of the story of her mother Aagje. She left her family when Marijke was 8 to join the cult by Sipke Vrieswijk and become his prophetess wife. A radical event with far-reaching consequences, that Marijke tries to comprehend and recover coherence in her life story.

On the track of Robert van Gulik
About Dutch writer, diplomat, Chinese specialist and scholar Robert van Gulik (1910-1967), one of the world’s most popular writers, but relatively unrecognized in his own country. Most famous for his detective series Judge Dee, which in many ways are projections of his own life.

The principal wife – Opening film DOCfeed 2018


Opening night DOCfeed 2018