Act of the sea

Director: Danielle van Vree

The sea, viewed through the eyes of a fisherman, a swimmer, a drowning person, a lifeguard and a nautical traffic controller in Den Helder. Five perspectives on the sea, five stories about its effect on people’s bodies and minds. Danielle van Vree developed the film during her residency at Het Pompgemaal in Den Helder (Mondriaan Fund, Amsterdam). She interviewed locals and asked them what influence the sea has on their way of thinking and their body. The experience of time plays an important role in the film, it is characterized by a simplicity of time and place that gives its viewers ample opportunity to themselves reflect on the many faces of the sea.

This film is part of a combined programme with: I dream of Vietnam and Sandaoling blues. All three are lovely, calm and visual films with their own thematics.

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