RK Veulpoepers BV

Directors: Frank van Osch, Joris Hendrix

''The Veulpoepers'' literally means: shit-a-lot. Or in Flemmish: fuck-a-lot. This Dutch band started back in the 1970s, an engaged, joyful folkband with left-winged ideals. They’re world-famous in Brabant, playing at every village party and every demonstration. Their biggest hit is D’n Egelantier. Around the band a movement formed, bringing their socialistic ideals into practice by founding small businesses, communes and even a concert venue known today as 013. When in 1996 a reunion of the band leads to a big argument, the curtain permanently falls for this colourful group.

RK Veulpoepers BV is about the upcoming, unprecedented success and downfall of one of the most defiant and sensational bands ever known to Brabant. It’s about growing up and the ending of close friendships due to growing contradictions and self-preservation. The musicians look back in time at their glory days and their bitter downfall.

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