Starting points

Director: Floor Hofman

At the end of 2017 the first social housing flat of the city of Taichung was built. In Taiwan as a whole social housing comprises just 0.08% of the housing stock. Compared with other countries this figure is significantly low. Together with the first residents filmmaker Floor Hofman moved into the second social housing flat of Taichung a few weeks after its opening. While living there for four months, she talked with residents about how social housing changed their lives. A remote industrial area at the edge of Taichung, surrounded by factories and mountains, the freshly painted social housing flat is a “starting point” for its residents, their neighbours and the city of Taichung.

This film is part of a combined programme with: Cold buffet. These films explore concepts of collective and social housing in different parts of the world; one in increase and one in decline.

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