The red line – resistance in Hambach forest

Director: Karin de Miguel Wessendorf

When 31,000 policemen take action against 50 tree squatters and tear gas and truncheons are used, a 550-hectare "pedunculate oak-hornbeam-lily-of-the-valley-forest" becomes a symbol of resistance. Since 2015, director Karin de Miguel Wessendorf has accompanied the protests against the clearing of the Hambach forest and against the destruction of the villages on the edge of the lignite opencast mining, the largest CO2 source in Europe. First it was only a rebellion of individual groups with different goals, but in the autumn of 2018 the protest against the clearing becomes one broad supraregional movement.
A story very much about our modern times facing the challenges of protecting our nature, happening right in our neighbouring country Germany.

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