Off broom

Directors: Jerona van der Gevel, Roald Zom

Rein is the transgender keeper of a quidditch team, a new developing sport. Quidditch - based on the game from the Harry Potter books - has been around since 2005. While the team is preparing to attend the European games in Italy, Rein shares his story. In the build-up to the tournament it becomes clear that acceptance and recognition are perhaps even more important than winning.
Off broom strives to combine two topics, placing the social theme of LGBTQ+ inclusivity within the relatively unknown arena of the real-life sport quidditch. This makes the film a non-traditional sports documentary, it’s a look into the inclusive and open-minded community that has formed around the sport.

This film is part of a combined programme with: The magicians .... of the Merlin magical society. Two very different films, but they are both also wonderfully themselves in their own ‘’magical’’ realms.

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