Docwerk Art Dept.

Directors: Myrna van Oosterhout, Said Snono, Niels Aelfers, Katinka Schlette, Anass Houmane, Ira Hoefsmid

What is it like to live and work as an artist? And how can you bring this to the screen as a young, starting filmmaker? In Docwerk's educational project β€˜β€™Art Dept.’’, a cooperation between NTR, Van Osch Films and NPO 2 Extra, you can see short films about talented artists made by the young and up-and-coming filmmakers from Docwerk. Every film is a remarkable portrait or column about an artist.

Other Documentaries


Director: Oliver Stiller

In October 2018, 7000 people from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador fled the rampant gang-crime ...


RK Veulpoepers BV

Directors: Frank van Osch, Joris Hendrix

''The Veulpoepers'' literally means: shit-a-lot. Or in Flemmish: fuck-a-lot. This Dutch band star ...