Docwerk Art Dept.

What is it like to live and work as an artist? And how can you bring this to the screen as a young, starting filmmaker? In Docwerk’s educational project Art Dept., a co-operation between NTR, Van Osch films and NPO 2 extra, you can see short films about talented artists made by Docwerk talents. Every film is a remarkable portrait or image column about an artist, in which one of the artist’s traits is highlighted.
Docwerk provides work experience for graduated film- and mediamakers. Participants get routine in making documentaries. This results in art- and culture items and documentaries shown on television and online channels.

Linnet Deen, Loes Korten, Robin Voskuilen, Hanna Eenhoorn, Annigje Peters

Other Documentaries


Director: Pien van Grinsven

A film about the farewells we wish for. One day the director and her two sisters receive a letter ...


Midnight ramblers

Director: Julian Ballester

Night after night, Kye, Tobie, Paul, Kim and Tattoo wander through the streets and alleys of Mont ...